About Me

Jorgos Makris


Hi, my name is Jorgos (the German spelling for Γιώργος). Thank you for visiting my site.
I was born and raised in Greece but I also lived many years in Germany, where I studied Biology. Biology was the first love of my life, Science helped me find answers to questions that arouse every day. Although science has always helped me approach the truth, it was only a part of my need to understand the world around me.
Sentiment, spirituality and art turn the world around every day and make it a place worth living in. And that is why, I have enriched my approach and photography became a passionate lover to me. Seeing the world from different angles, have broaden my horizons and allowed me to better express my feelings and my thoughts.
Being a biologist and having had a big creative marketing career, I decided to spend the rest of my life as a professional photographer, capturing moments in time, helping people express their feelings and telling stories through pictures.
Our world is not what we see, but what we feel.
Photography is not what we see, but what every picture makes us feel.